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The chevron pattern continues to be a hot trend in all that is design. It’s a nice spin off on the traditional stripe pattern and adds a dynamic element to any design. Commonly used for interior design and textiles (we’ve seen this design on rugs, pillows, wallpaper, etc.) over the years we have begun to see this pattern in fashion. We think it’s the perfect accent to add to your event! Here’s a little history on its origin.

Chevron pattern (also spelled cheveron) an inverted v pattern. Sometimes the word “zig zag” or herringbone is used to describe this pattern. It dates back to 1800 BC where it was found in early art designs such as pottery and rock carvings. The word “chevron” is usually used to describe a fret in architecture and may also be found in highway signs to guide drivers and around curves.

Incorporate a few pops of this pattern to your next event!

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